Measuring for Arch Top Windows & Exterior Shutters (eg the Springline measurement)

Measuring for Arch Top Windows & Exterior Shutters (eg the Springline measurement)

Arch top exterior shutters are the perfect solution to enhance and cover arched windows. At MHG Supply, our arch top shutters are meticulously crafted to mimic the graceful curves and contours of round-top windows. To order the right arch top shutters, you'll need to measure the springline dimension, a crucial parameter for these unique window coverings.

How to measure for the Springline:
Determine the measurement from the top point of the shutter down to where the arch begins.

measuring for arched window and shutter springline

Round Top Windows:
For perfect arch windows, featuring a half circle at the top of a rectangular base, the springline measurement should be half of the window width.

arch top board and batten windows

Eyebrow Arch Windows:
Eyebrow windows have a partial circle above a rectangular section. Here, the springline dimension is less than half of the window width.

eyebrow arch top shutters on white home

Please note that our arch top shutters are crafted in an arc or a portion of a circle. We do not produce shutters for windows with tops lacking a defined radius, such as elongated half ellipse tops or pointed gothic heads. Additionally, we do not manufacture full circle or single-panel full arch shutters.

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