What are 'fake' shutters made of? - eg Decorative mount shutters.

What are 'fake' shutters made of? - eg Decorative mount shutters.

The term 'fake shutters' is often used by homeowners when they are describing shutters that do not open or close. Exterior shutters designated as "decorative" serve a purely aesthetic purpose, lacking any functional role. Positioned alongside windows, these shutters are installed solely for decorative embellishment. Typically crafted from lightweight materials such as vinyl, wood composite, or PVC, they offer a wide array of styles and colors.

The primary benefit of decorative shutters lies in their cost-effectiveness, offering an appealing option for budget-conscious homeowners seeking to enhance their home's exterior with a touch of elegance. Furthermore, their straightforward installation process, requiring no special hardware or tools, makes them a favored choice for DIY home improvement projects.

That said, decorative or 'fake' shutters can also have functioning hardware added to give off the appearance that they are functioning. 

The most common materials used when customers refer to 'fake' shutters are Vinyl and Composite. 

You can read our full post on Decorative vs Functioning exterior shutters here. You can also read more about choosing the right exterior shutter material for your project here.

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