How to Install Fixed Mount Exterior Shutters

Installing fixed mount exterior shutters won't take long, even if you're a DIY novice. In fact, most of our customers have referred to installing the shutters as an easy, fulfilling weekend project!

You can download our Shutter Shipment Packet for our installation instructions hereScroll to page 4 to view them.

installing fixed mount exterior shutter brackets

Safety Instructions:

  • Make sure to use the recommended tools.
  • Wear safety goggles.
  • Follow the fixture, power tools, and paint manufacturers’ instructions and user manuals.
  • Use common sense and follow good construction practices.


Tools & Material Checklist:
  • Exterior Shutters
  • Electric drill
  • 1/8” drill bit
  • Proper screws for installation surface
  • Level
  • Pencil, marker, or chalk


Fixed Hardware Instructions:

  • Determine the position for the shutter by matching up the top and bottom of the shutter with the window and mark its position.
  • Mark the shutter where you will fasten it to your installation surface.
  • Using a 1/8” bit drill pilot holes where you marked the shutter.
  • Using a level set the shutter in place and fasten using the correct screws for your installation surface. Be sure not to over-tighten the screws.