How to Measure for Fixed Mount Exterior Shutters

Accurate measuring for exterior shutters is crucial, whether you're replacing an existing one or purchasing for a new build or remodel. If you're interested in ordering fixed mount shutters (non-functioning ones that don't open and close), the measuring process is quite simple.

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To ensure a seamless fit and maintain the desired aesthetic of your home with fixed mount exterior shutters, follow these guidelines. Refer to the chart below to determine the appropriate width per shutter based on your window size.

The below measurements work for composite, wood and vinyl exterior shutters.

shutter measurement chart

Given that mount shutters are a type of window treatment that are permanently affixed to the exterior of a building. Unlike adjustable shutters, which need to be precisely measured to ensure a proper fit and functionality, fixed mount shutters offer more flexibility when it comes to their measurements. This is primarily because fixed mount shutters are designed to serve an aesthetic purpose rather than being functional.

Firstly, fixed mount shutters are often used as decorative elements to enhance the overall appearance of a building's facade. They are typically placed adjacent to windows and are not meant to be opened or closed. As a result, the measurements for fixed mount shutters do not need to be as precise as those for adjustable shutters, which require accurate dimensions to ensure proper operation. With fixed mount shutters, slight variations in size or placement can often be accommodated without compromising their visual appeal.

Secondly, fixed mount shutters are usually made of non-functional materials such as vinyl, composite, or lightweight wood. These materials are not subject to the same structural considerations as functional shutters made of heavy-duty materials. As a result, fixed mount shutters can tolerate minor discrepancies in measurement without affecting their stability or durability. This allows for a greater margin of error when determining the dimensions of fixed mount shutters, making them a more forgiving option in terms of installation.

The measurements for fixed mount shutters do not have to be exact because they are primarily decorative in nature and do not require precise functionality. Additionally, the materials used in fixed mount shutters are often lightweight and can accommodate minor variations in size without compromising their structural integrity. These factors contribute to the flexibility in measuring and installing fixed mount shutters, allowing for a more forgiving process compared to adjustable shutters.

fixed mount composite shutters louvered black

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